How promote webiste for USA and UK visitors?


I have a website of payday loans. I want to know how to promote my site for the USA and UK payday loans market?

First if you have website and its 100% ready mean design and development part completed then done these step.

If you have SEO team then you can do it easily and get traffic and business from both country.

First done the keywords research for related industry and make quality meta tag for your website. After that done your website submission in Search engine and directory. Then start link popularity.

In this section you can do link exchange, article submission, forum posting, blog, Social media promotion, PR submission, RSS submission and more work. You can also do the PPC and affiliates marketing for instant traffic and business.

Second if you have no SEO team then you can hire any good Outsourcing company who charge a fixed money and do work for you.


I would seperate your question in to two questions firstly promoting a website in one country or many is that same thing you need to simply promote your website there are many posts here on how to do this.

Secondly if i was you i would make 2 webpages then using google webmaster tools specify each webpage as being dedicated to that country this way google will place your results above other because you target that country. This will only help you but you must still promote your webste by all normal means.

google adwords, you can target very well with that too.

do some online ads in some popular websites in USA and UK

You’d better seperate your business and web pages into two and SEM them seperately. For the two nations ways to promote your business could be defferent both in geography and technology.

just promote by normal means…:slight_smile:

Open up an Adwords account and upload banner ads. This will drive in your sales and push branding! :slight_smile:

hello friend,

I have same problem because i have Australia website and i want promote for Australia but i can’t understand that where to start for search engine optimization in and how to submit website…

did you get any ID for these problem…if you have then please share now…:slight_smile:

You can also submit your websites to USA and UK’s high page rank paid directories :slight_smile:

there is no special way to do promotion in UK n USA, one thing you can do is get backlinks from popular sites of Uk and USA

google adword will help u to focus on certain market area

Do participate in USA and UK regional forums and take part in social book marking to spread your link on those regions.

I will add SOcial Answer here. Please find dofollow sites.:slight_smile:

Simply hired SEO for your websites bcaz they know the techniques you can’t understood all these term Adwards,marketing etc.

Target UK and US classified sites.

Yeah classified adds really helps. And I guess go on with social networks. Seems twitter is more popular in US area.And you can add your followers by targeting their location.

well i may recommend google adwords for that, or even the basic ways

You can select and target your campaigns if your dong PPC but in SEO you can go for UK and US specific local classifieds, regional directories, forums etc. Also link building with relevant extension sites like .uk, .us along with .com extension sites.

You should research keywords pertaining to your target market. You can use Google’s keyword tool and filter the resulting keywords to your preferred country or territory.