How to promote my website in a specific geographic zone


Hello everyone,
I am a newbie in webmarketting and I have just finished making my website Moroccan CraftsManShip and i want to promote it on USA & UK.
I start reading about how to do, but I am hopeless !
any help please :frowning:

Can Anyone guide me how I can target USA market

Are you doing search engine optimization for your website ? If yes then focus on targeting a specific country in which you want to promote your website, then make use of the country code TLD of your targeted country. This gives you better rankings in your preferred target location. However, if you do target several countries, using a country code TLD is not advisable; instead, use a generic TLD such as .com, .net, or .org which does not have any country associated with it. Also remember that search location can influence ranking results.


You can set a geographic target in Google Search Console, if you are targeting just one country. However, if you are trying to target more than one location with the same site, as seems to be the case here, then that is not an option.

These two articles might be helpful to you.


Try targeted ads on social networks e.g. Facebook or Instagram. It's very flexible tools which can be used for an extremely narrow audience with very tasty rates.


Firstable, Sorry for not been active with you these couple two weeks

Yes it's true, I am doing SEO to my website in order to fit in new markets


just try to publish and promote your site on the the platform of that regions. I Think this is going to helpful in long interval of time. Thanks,


Hi David_Hook
I have also same problem .., Actually am working on US Projects (Websites) doing SEO for that Websites from INDIA.
I could not find such a website site list for Submissions like Directory , classified , Article submission etc.. How can i target that location sites and my websites Alexa rank is Increasing day by day instead of decreasing ??


No matter how you promote your website in a specific geographic zone, you have to understand that every method has to be local oriented: use social media, publish your links in local websites or articles with keywords like "SEO in British Columbia". And one of the main thing - don't forget about your local competitors and see where they are getting their backlinks.


I think, done with set up in the google webmaster about target Country with USA.
To discover websites of USA origin U have to search in the search engines, the best is to Do the competitor analysis of your competitors website.


As mentioned earlier, that will only work for one target country, and the OP wants to target two (USA and UK).


I replied to the answer


If Single website is targeted for multiple countries then here are the following options -
Use country specific domain like for
US and UK, and

Use subdomain options

Go with SUbdirectories


You should hire seo and he or she writes strategy for promote website.You must be ready to spend more money for content and backlinks.


Spending money on high-quality, unique content might be a good investment, but paying somebody to create backlinks is usually a recipe for disaster. You need only look around the forums here to find evidence of folk who have done just that and are now trying to recover from a Google penalty.


You can buy general domain (com, info,,because you want to promote website in two different countries and try to get backlinks from UK and USA sites.


You can also Optimize your contents/ keywords and indicate your target place since you only need to localize your site on a specific region.
Good Luck.


I mean that owner should hire seo specialist and this specialist decides how to can get backlinks


I understood what you meant. I would advise anybody who hires somebody for SEO to check very carefully before hiring them, and ensure that any link building will be done in accordance with the search engines' guidelines. Creating links with the intention of manipulating search results is against the guidelines of all the major search engines, and can lead to your site being penalised or removed from the index.

The only links which are valuable in terms of SEO are those which you earn, by having high-quality content which other sites choose to link to.


Have you already tried using location-specific keywords? Include location terms like area code, landmarks, Zip code, neighborhood or community names, and tourist destinations to your keyword. It will help you get found when someone is searching for firms around you.

But if promoting your site to an specific geographic zone already overwhelms you, you may consider outsourcing or seeking help from SEO experts. But as @TechnoBear said, you must be very careful when choosing a provider.


First of all, you can choose the geography to which you would like your website displayed via the Google Search Console, so no biggie.

You would need to turn your visitors into leads, which would help in improving your status among your geographies.

When promoting your website to a certain crowd, you should use tools such as Google Trends or Ubersuggest with these certain geographies, as well as doing your keyword research based on these regions to appear mostly there.

Would your whole traffic come from these regions? Not necessarily, but you can also block certain geographies from entering your website (georestriction), which would help you in receiving the traffic you actually want.

Generally speaking, these basics are good to follow.