How to get US traffic on website

I am promoting couple of US website and I want to get US traffic on it. Currently I am using forum posting, directory submission. I am getting good traffic form these methods but the problem the maximum comes to my website from India instead of US. So kindly help me in this matter.

You may follow these techniques to get traffic from targeted country,

  • Set your preferred geographic location in Google webmaster tools
  • Add your website to local search engines
  • Add your website to local directories
  • Get listed on Google places, bing local search and Yahoo! local
  • Get listed on local classified websites
  • Get backlinks from target country
  • Get active on niche related communities which are popular in your country
  • Get citations for your listings

Well, the short answer is that you should be posting in forums with a large US readership.

But, ultimately, the only solution is to make sure the content appeals to a US audience. You don’t say what type of site it is, or what its aims are. But, in general, all the forum posts in the world won’t help if your target reader is simply not interested in your content.


These are really effective practice. After doing these you should step ahead for on-page optimization and then off page will give you desired result in search engine.

You must check Webmaster tools. Go to the settings and check their that what geographical country you have selected. If you have not set US then set it. One of reason maybe that you are not getting a number of visitors from US, the IP hosting of website will be from India.

I think you should try to Social media target audience is better to get good visit from US and Local US Classifieds sites

Thanks for this information, really good. but i have one doubt in US SERP. those visitors are consider as referral visitors.

My question is. Now im doing SEO from India to .com website. but we are expecting the organic result from only US. how to get? how to get organic visitors from US? How to get top SERP position in Google US. the thing is same .com Google, in India one result will shows US different will shows. i hope you understand my question. Please help to get SERP to mine website.

I would suggest you to use proper SMO technique in Facebook and Twitter and target US customers.Add people mostly from US and see to it that they are customers.Also you can add the experts in your industry to your friends so that you keep track of their activities.Also in order to keep your customers engaged and interested in your work.They might tell their friends also to join this network and in this way you grow your network.Also I would suggest you to use yahoo answers and give relevant answers.Yahoo answers get ranked in the serps due to its authority and also it will give you that all important backlink.Try to give those answers which has been raised by the US customers.Also its better if you get backlink from the US websites so that google will rank it higher in US location.Thanks

Just like what Mike said, you should try to participate in online communities wherein most of the readers, if not all, are from the United States. If you’re from the US, you should try and target those areas near your place. Another good way to promote it is through social media and use the techniques mentioned by chancerossi above.

I think you should target on press release for getting more traffic on your website.You can also do the SMO these the these techniques you will get more traffic on tour website.