Site Transfer - Quick question

Apologies if this is not in the most appropriate thread…

If I sell a website and am transferring it to the new owner, is there a quicker way than the manual way I am doing it at present?

  • Backup DB through phpmyadmin
  • Backup site files
  • Create new DB on new users account
  • Import database tables through phpmyadmin on new host
  • Upload files to new host

Doing this manually can be time consuming and I know there are a lot of automation solutions out there at the moment and wondered if there is a quicker way of doing this if both hosts have cPanel?


If both hosts have CPanel, it’s easier to make a complete site backup by clicking Backups > Generate a Full site Backup.

That creates an entire site backup that you can either download or leave on the old server. Then you move that backed up file to the new server and kind of do the same in reverse, and everything is restored in place, DB and all.

There are various ways to do each step (I’m no expert) but I recently found this helpful:

Superb, thanks ralph.m, exactly what I was looking for…