How long would it take to make a tax calculator like this?

I would like to start a UK tax calculator project to learn advanced JavaScript and potentially a new framework (jQuery, Angular or React). I would like to create something similar to this tax calculator, but obviously with less advanced features, to start with :slight_smile:

How long would it take to learn the necessary skills and build a tax calculator like the one above, given the fact that I know soma basic JavaScript concepts such as what the functions and variables are, but didn’t really work with any advanced framework yet. Also, is there a framework that you could recommend for doing this, considering the ease of use and the potential career benefits of it in the near future (i’ve read that angular is in high demand, so I’m tempted with it).

Many thanks!

It would take about one year, possibly more to learn and implement the skills to build a tax calculator like the one in your link.

The framework that you choose for this project doesn’t matter. It could be Angular, React, Vue, or just vanilla JavaScript. All will serve you well.

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Thank you Paul! I’m quite excited about this, looking forward to start crafting the first lines of code :slight_smile: I think I’ll go with Angular, from what I’ve seen the above one is made with Angular as well right? That’s why it can update the text dynamically on the screen without refreshing as you change the values?

Yes, and no. Yes it is Angular, and no the live updating of the text is not because of Angular. It’s because of Ajax which is something that all forms of JavaScript can do.

Thanks Paul! I think I’ll keep you updated here on how I get along with this :slight_smile:

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