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I have spent the last week contemplating on what to use for my front end UI, library (jq) or a framework (angular, react). I feel more comfortable with jq but on reading articles the issue of scaling comes up among others and besides angular will allow me continue with ionic and in future meteor, so I am still scratching my head looking for the best fit!

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Yes, it’s hard for beginners to know what to use these days.

How complicated is the UI? If you think you need a single page app where all the rendering happens in js then Angular 2 or React are both good options.

If a mobile app is required you can look at React Native or Ionic, again both solid options.

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I was starting up with angular but I am finding manual DOM manipulation difficult with angular. I am having difficulties accessing and changing parent nodes in angular and I don’t know how to handle ajax on react (any documentations will be very helpful).
The UI is very simple: obtaining an array of questions from PHP/MySQL and displaying one question per page.
Jquery handles the page displays dynamically, but I want to replicate it with a framework so as scale up.

You’ll find this more difficult in React, manual DOM manipulation is abandoned in these types of frameworks which handle the DOM manipulation based on the state of the application.

I don’t know how to handle ajax on react (any documentations will be very helpful).

The UI is very simple

You probably won’t get any benefits from adding angular or React initially.

My manual DOM manipulation is fragmenting a form to create a pagination kind of experience. Which will you recommend for me? a library or a framework (angular or react)?

The momentum is around React at the moment.

So true, it is written allover the web. I think I will go slowly (library first then try the same thing on a framework), so as to better appreciate the differences, instead of trying to catch-up. Thanks!

Just to ask, after react loads, is it advisable to continue ajax call upon user’s interaction? Or is it even possible?

Yes, that sounds right to me.

In response to some event you can call a function which makes the ajax request and updates the state when it gets a response. Keep it simple at first, as your application grows you might benefit from using something like Redux for handling all the state but if you’re new to React it will probably only complicate things.

Start with the React tutorial, it explains all the basics you need to get started.

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