How long have you been doing this?

Hello. I am a new member.

Am wondering how long everyone here has been doing this?

Are you a webd esigner? Web developer? Programmer? Other?

I have been tinkering for years, but have a lot to learn!

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Welcome to the forums, @UpstateLeafPeeper. smile

That’s a good question, and the answer is - longer than I thought! lol

I couldn’t remember when I got started, so I had to look up when I registered my first domain, and that was twelve years ago. At that time, I was very much a novice, having taught myself the rudiments of HTML and CSS from a For Dummies book. I like to think I’ve learned quite a bit in the intervening years, but like you, I still have a lot to learn.

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I learnt the basics of programming by modding games and making websites for my gaming clan back in 1998. So, 20 years :open_mouth:

I’ve worked in various jobs as a web developer (and still do a bit of work on the side) but my main job these days is teaching web development at a university.


Defining an actual “start” isn’t easy. What I consider my first exposure was taking a limited enrollment one credit course in gate logic - the and, nor, nand, xor stuff. Soon after I got a ColorComputer (no internet) and wrote some procedural BASIC code.

Eventually I got a newer computer with Windows 98 and dial-up internet access. I put up an AOL hometown “site” and a GeoCities “site” (more like a few pages than a site, anyway …). I learned HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript. Then I learned some Perl so I could write an SSI file. Then some Java so I could write an applet. Then some WSH and VBScript so I could write some ActiveX and desktop scripts. Then I found PHP. I’ve also written some Ruby. etc. etc.

If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that’s over a 3 decade time span. But don’t think that I’m an “expert”. I still try to learn new skills and keep up with and improve what I know. And I consider my “page designs” as something to work with my scripts, they aren’t “art” by any means.

If not for that course in gate logic …

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About 3 years now.

Thsnk you.

So what is your expertise these days?

What do you currently work with?

And do you do web design/development/coding for fun or for a living?

That is a long time. You look much younger in your picture!

So you are a college professor?

What classes do you teach?

When was that?

What is SSI? WSH?

So what did you build with all of the above technologies? nd was it for fun at home or for work?

What are you trying to accomplish with your hodge-podge of programming? Do you build things for fun? For friends and family? For paying clients?

What are some examples of things you have built? I mean mor ethan just saying, “I built a web page.”

30 years is a long time!

My first HTML page was a manual for an accounting system almost 20 years ago. It seemed a good way to enable users to find their way around. The page has undergone several changes over the years.

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“this”… well, depends on how you define “this”. I first started programming when i was 10, reproducing BASIC code from a book on an apple II.
First web development was probably around 13. First PHP/mySQL integration 15. I’m 35.

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I’m 32 (picture is a few years old) so was only 12 when I started.

We don’t use professor for all lecturers here but I teach Javascript and PHP programming.

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Now I know who to bug in the forums when I have JavaScript questions! :smile:

It’s almost like there would be an entire category dedicated to it or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve considered teaching before, but I have the classic case of permanent self-doubt and never feeling strong enough to be one. That’s why I end up helping on forums a lot :wink:

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Over 20 years. My first programming language was QBASIC. Yep, I’m old. :blush:

What do you want to learn about? Put your question here. :hugs:

Somewhere around three decades ago.

SSI - Server Side Includes
IIRC, it was a Perl script that sent emails
WSH - Windows Script Host
for a desktop app to work with text files on my OS

lol, those aren’t even the half of it. I quite often try things out just for the fun of it. If I didn’t enjoy programming as much as I do I wouldn’t do it.

Other than script for my personal use on my own computer (eg. when doing something gets repetitive, I’ll automate it as much as I can), I have written a few addons, plugins and extensions. Typically when I find myself thinking “it would be nice to be able to do this”, “it would be nice if this did that” i.e. when I think there is a need for something that doesn’t exist, I try to write up some code to do it.


My first real site (not Angelfire, Geocities, or AOL Hometown) is on the wayback machine from Feb 2001. I was just a kid at the time, though. I didn’t get a real job until quite a few years later. I remember making some stuff on Angelfire in 98/99.

I’m a software engineer.


Do you have a link toyour site on the Wayback Machine that you would care to share?

So what do you do as a software engineer? Are you working for someone like Microsoft?

It was a teenager " hacker " site (this was only 6yrs after the movie Hackers after all). It’s really embarrassing. I wish it was something different because I think it actually looks pretty good.

So what do you do as a software engineer? Are you working for someone like Microsoft?

Building web apps. I’m a frontend engineer/javascript engineer or whatever you want to call it mostly, but technically am a fullstack developer. I work for a tech company (“unicorn” but not well known) but it’s not MS.


I would love to see it - maybe you can postd etails here or in a PM?

Sounds important to me!

Do you build eb apps for other clients or just internally for your employer?

Which web app would you say was the most challenging to help out with and the one you are most proud of as far as an accomplishment?

What exactly does “unicorn” mean? I see that term floating around the Internet a lot but never really understand what people mean by it?!