What got you into webdesign?

Hello everybody,

I’d like to hear your stories on how webdesign began for you and what makes you like it so much!
So here’s 2 questions:

1. What was the first time you were like; Yes webdesign is my thing!

2. What do you like so much about webdesign

My answers:

  1. I was playing around with WordPress about 7 months ago, I just couldn’t stop learning about webdesign all day that day.
  2. I love the creative aspect of it, just getting the looks and details Perfect gives me a … smile. :smiley:

Much love from The Netherlands/Amsterdam,

Since I saw a computer for the first time, I knew it would influence my life in a big way. This was like 17 years ago…
Especially when I also found out about this thing called the Internet a couple of years later.

  1. About web design, I was fiddling with the computer day and night and I wanted to create my own web pages, that was the time when I found out about HTML, CSS, etc. Back then there was no WordPress or jQuery, just plain and dirty HTML, CSS and IE6.

  2. What I love about web design, that as with everything, not everybody can do it, because design is a subjective matter. The process from designing something and seeing it used by somebody else, in sometimes unexpected ways, is awesome.

That’s very inspirational to me man!

I always think that web design is something i can’t handle. But when i start to work as a seoer, i realize the importance of the it. I am still working on it.

When you kick butt at doing web design you will feel really happy that you kept working on it for sure! :smiley:

For me, it was also the creative aspect. Originally, I learnt the basics of programming as a 12 year old back in 1998 by making mods/levels for games of the time. I needed somewhere to showcase my mods so naturally got into web programming/design. I learnt the basics of HTML and CSS in no time but quickly developed an interest PHP (And to a lesser extent, perl, but I found that a lot more difficult). The knowledge I gained by essentially messing around creating sites for various game mods and guilds/clans I was part of grew and grew. By the time I left university almost 10 years later I had a very firm grasp of web development and found a job doing exactly that. Somewhat worryingly, this means I’ve been programming for almost 15 years now.

I love both game design and web design, but I always keep those things like a hobby because I have soooo many other interests too.
For now I’m studying communication, so i’ll see where I end up :stuck_out_tongue:

Screwed by a friend.

Well I love the profile of web designing because I can show my creativity in it . I love to do this work

Huh? You started doing webdesign because you got screwed by a friend?

  1. What was the first time you were like; Yes webdesign is my thing!
  1. What do you like so much about webdesign

When i first made a website in 1999. Our family friends had a local business for apartment rent and i made the website to advertise it on the internet. I added 10% to their prices and it was “my commission”. I was a high school student back than and there i think i made enough money to buy a car in less then a year (which was something i could never even dream about). At that point it was like a dream come true — answering your second question — i always wanted to do something creative but creative is rarely well payed and web design seemed like a combination of both: creative+fun and well payed.
I am doing it since then.

I would be happy if I could make money with webdesign. Now I get sales and advertisement income with one slow website. But one day I will be the greatest!!

^^ you will! =)

When I started using internet facility I felt that creating website is hard but while I entered into the web designing field I gathered lot of information. This makes me to enter into web design.

Yes the learning proces is actually enjoyable because I’m a nerd like that! Nice to see your comment vijaykumarA!

I got into webdesign seeing all the creativity that is out there, i mean you get to see so much of the world just by going through so many varied sites…Oh ! the other important factor is the money that goes along with it…

I like figuring out things for myself.

You could say I’m a control freak but in a healthy way.

I am in Web Designing because i love to create new designs , I loved Photoshop when i was a student , and edited alot of my pictures and got appreciated.
So u can say designing is my Love.

Web design or designing the web graphics is the most vital and colorful aspect of a website.Web design is the prime process which makes the site colorful and attractive to the users.Anyone who got creative blend of mind along with knowledge of web graphics can pursue a career in web designing .Being web crazy and having creative skills made me web designer

simply I want to get more experience of designing web.