How long have you been doing this?


Do you build eb apps for other clients or just internally for your employer?

No “clients” but I do build customer facing applications. I build both internal and external facing applications that usually enable various business needs. I’ve never worked on a true mass consumer application, most of what I’ve always done has been Business to Business applications.

Which web app would you say was the most challenging to help out with and the one you are most proud of as far as an accomplishment?

The one I built in my first job fresh out of school working on a 2 person team with a guy I graduated with. We worked as internal developers at a large hospital and were tasked with moving the company off a 25yr old Mainframe application to a web app. He did most of the communicating with stakeholders and business specifications and I did most of the technical architecture and development. It was an extremely large app and taught me how to build everything from the ground up, including authentication and permissions. It was built in ColdFusion 7 with a Windows 2008 R2 server and MS SQL Server 2008. I moved a suite of applications under a single core application and controlled access to the various applications through permissions. It was a lot of work and it probably wasn’t the best code I’ve ever written, but I learned a lot and I was proud of it.

I think there were 8 applications total. They did things like manage physical therapy classes and interdepartmental transactions (dept. A gets item Y from depart. B).

My partner ended up leaving about 8 months into the project and I worked on it for another 8 months, then I found a new job that paid better. Before we took on the challenge of writing the applications, they were being quoted $500k from contracting companies to build it and I suspect it would have ended up being a lot more.

What exactly does “unicorn” mean? I see that term floating around the Internet a lot but never really understand what people mean by it?!

A company worth over $1 billion. My company is large enough to acquire other unicorns, but still isn’t a household name by a long shot. I really enjoy it and their culture, though.


Sounds like a challenging job!

You should be very proud of that! Sounds like you should be retired and have your own island by now with all of that know-how!! :slight_smile:

That’s great that you basically got to do end to end development and build the whole system yourself - or at least with some help from your partner. Seems like most people just get stuck with a tiny piece that never means much.

You must have people beating down your door if you can build big systems like that?

Oh thanks. Glad I asked, because I never knew what people were talking about?!

(I don’t have any experience with a billion dollars or unicorns or much of anything except maybe bills!!)

If I hang around here, I bet I could learn a lot from people like you…


Maybe I spend too much time with my head in Discourse code, but when I see “unicorn” I think “workers”.


You must have people beating down your door if you can build big systems like that?

Not to build big systems like that, but I don’t have a problem finding work. I am at my 4th company since graduating college. Most of the recruiter spam I get is for my Java experience not my JS, but I don’t really like working in that. My new job has me working with GoLang, which I’ve fallen in love with.


What’s that mean? You mean you think of corporate drones or something?


You mentioned ColdFusion… That was popular maybe 20 years ago, right?

I would think Java is still a good skill to make someone marketable.

Have heard of GoLang, but can’t say I know anything about it.

You sound like you are quite comfortable as far as your employability goes… Is that based on your coding skills, languages you know, or are you great at marketing yourself.

These days I’m not sure how anyone survives in the IT or business worlds with things being automated so much and things moving so quickly. In the old days just being able to program in any language was a golden ticket to jb security and money.



You mentioned ColdFusion… That was popular maybe 20 years ago, right?

Yeah. This was like 6yrs ago for me. CF is still popular in government and medical fields.

Fun fact. There is an insanely popular design/mocking tool called inVision that is less than 5yrs old. It is written in ColdFusion. The last eval I’ve seen of that company was $2b. One of the co-founders is Ben Nadel, who was the CF guru. ColdFusion today is more or less just an opinionated Java template language.


Wow I didn’t know any of that! My first exposure to CF was when in the late 90’s. There was a HUGE rock/geology convention near the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA (it was so huge that there was an artificial cave for kids to go digging) and for whatever reason, ColdFusion was also hosting a conference in the same venue.

I was like 8 years old (2nd or 3rd grade) so I didn’t understand the concept of money, but I remember seeing some really expensive rocks and fossils that were thousands of dollars and being blown away that some discs cost the same amount (I didn’t really understand software yet either, and they were selling the discs/licenses in giant boxes for thousands of dollars if I remember correctly).


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