How is this font?

I want to know your idea about the font that is used for “zend certified Engineer”.

Please give me any suggestion about other things in this book cover

The top of the C, d, and f aren’t clean. Other than that, think it looks good.

Which font do you suggest?

I don’t think I’d use italics.

Note that Certified is mis-typed. (You have ‘Ceritfied’)

About PHP security logo in top-left. white security that is written on black . which font do you suggest?

I think its too blur with striking colors. I had to zoom in to check out clearly. Is it necessary to put text underneath “php security”? If not then i’d suggest you to remove that.

Hey font is good but change the text color of menu list.


Thanks everyone for your guidance! I change fonts.

What about this one:

What do you think about the start point of white lines?

Please tell me any other problem that you see in cover.

Which color do you suggest?