Suggestions for fonts used in these bullets

I have coded a website without mock-up (I know).
But the bullets don’t look quite good. It could be better.
So I wanted to ask you what were some good fonts that I could use for this project.

The screenshot is:

I was hoping you could suggest better fonts (sizes, styles) for the above. It doesn’t look just 100% in my opinion. Maybe you guys have better idea.

By bullets, do you mean icons, like the lock icon? I don’t see what the problem is. The bullet-point is about security, and you use a lock to emphasize that point. That’s actually good design – the icon and text go well together.

The bullets as in “points”, there are 6 of them. 6 points to point out.

Are you entirely sure it looks “alright”? That there’s nothing to change that would look better?
No improvements or anything?

I stand by my post. What is “wrong” with the design you have, in your opinion? Are you simply wondering if there is a better way to present this? If so, then just wait a while for other writers to chime in.

I would find it much easier to offer an opinion if I could see the whole page - or at least a screenshot of the whole page. It’s really hard to say whether or not an element looks OK without seeing it in context, IMHO.

This is true. If we saw more of the point icons, we could see if they fit well together. A mix of different drawing styles may go against you.

Exactly. It feels like it’s “good”, but not… I feel like the ultimate choice is around the corner, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Here’s the screenshot for those wondering (it’s not final version, but better than none):

Before you say anything, I don’t have a clue about designing. I’m just working on this project to show my code, but code without website looks… too easy. On the other hand website still needs to present itself nicely. Regardless how you would rate the rest of website, it remains so, as it can’t be someone else’s job, but mine to make it. But I do need help with bullets to make them look not so… “ish”. I can’t let them be there like that, they don’t feel right.

I feel like these bullets could look SO MUCH better. But I don’t know how.

The thing which strikes me most about those bullets is that the text looks cramped. Increasing the line height a little would help.

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Yea! As soon as I added some line height, and then noticed and changed couple things it immediately became better. Exactly. Thanks. Now it looks just right.

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