How is this done?


I want to implement something similar to the following:-

But i dont know how the background was done. half black and half white…

Any ideas?

That’s all in flash unless you mean something else?

If you want half black and half white you can do something like this.

Thanks Paul,

Well its not all in Flash i was checking it out. Many parts of flash has been used however.

The top half which is the header is all a flash panel. I think i know how it is done though. Am i right in thinking that the flash panel is fluid to fill the width of the page?

And then a fixed width has been applied to the bottom content? If so, how could i make a flash panel fluid to fit the screen no matter how big the monitor is?


Am i right in thinking that the flash panel is fluid to fill the width of the page?

This is a question for the flash forum as the whole top half is flash and I never use flash :). It has been set to 100% in the flash parameters so I guess it will scale accordingly.

Ok thanks, i dont know how to move this to the flash forum so i will just do what i can do and see how i get on :rolleyes:

Moved to flash forum.

Thanks Paul,

So can anyone help me understand how i can make a flash panel fluid to fit across the width of the screen? As is done on this page?

I think the way it is done is the whole background is actually white, and the flash simply sits on top. But again how is the flash panel styles to do this?


Looks like it’s embedded at 100% width with the stage scalemode set to noscale and align center


I am trying to get a flash banner appear across the top of the page. I want the bottom section to remain fixed width. This is what i have done so far:-

As you can see the flash banner is only within the middle of the page at the top. I want it to appear like this site:-

See on this website the flash banner takes up the whole top section. So how can i do the same?


On Badboys you have a div with no width, and then you place the <embed> there. Thus it will fill up the width if hte flash is big enough

On the justbounce you place it within the #wrapper (and then #header) and that has a width restriction and as such the flash will only fill up to that pixel width.

If the wrapper and header had no width then it would fill up the entire viewport (assuming the actual flash was big enough)

ok i think i can work with that, but if the flash file was viewed on a screen larger than 15" so lets say 17, 19 21 etc… how can i get it to fill the page still?


I am trying to make the liquid flash layout. This is what i have so far:-

But the flash does not fill up the <div> that it is contained within? I want it to fill the header as in the top part of the page. Why does appear so small? Does anything need to be in terms of the actual flash file?

Hope someone can help here…


It would be best for you to ask that in the flash forum :). I don’t know how that works and there might be a way for you to stretch the flash out or something? I don’t know.

CSS is my area lol.

lol ok thanks.

Can someone please move this into the flash forum.


As far as the CSS goes you are floating the header so it has no width. Either set the width to 100% or don’t float it.

As for the flash someone else can answer that :slight_smile:

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Unless you tell it otherwise, the flash file will want to maintain its proportions. The bigger the Flash file gets, the less quality it will have. I would suggest you design the file so that its background (say black) will merge nicely with the black background of the header. Following the example site you cited, you could do something link this:

<div id="header" style="float: none; width: 100%; height: 750px;">
<object height="750px" width="100%" ... 

(I put the styles inline to make it easier to follow.)

Hey thanks.

I have managed to fix it with your suggestions :slight_smile:

Check it out:-

This is just a test flash file, the actual one will go up soon.



I have just tested the flash page on a 17inch monitor and it doesn’t stretch across the whole screen, there is white on either side of the flash. See the jpeg that i have attached.

How can i prevent this?


In the swf have black borders that extend beyond the stage area left and right