Website with liquid widths and flash banner

My brother and I are in the process of designing our first website. My part is the website his the flash banner. I designed it with liquid widths. So the Flash Banner part-to make it width 100%-does this need to happen in Flash or in CSS. i.e. My responsibility or my brother’s to figure it out?

If it’s mine-help please.

If it’s his I’ll send him to the flash forum.:slight_smile:


As Flash is vector based, then you should be able to ‘stretch’ the banner across the page in a liquid fashion… I think. I’ve never tried but that’s my theory anyway

if I understand correctly, you want the flash banner to stretch the width of the page, regardless of browser size? I would think there would be a way, but first of all, I don’t think with CSS is the answer. Have to do it with either javascript or in flash.

With javascript, you have to do some calculating of browser measurements, then put that in your flash object parameters. You might be interested in checking out jquery where you could use functions such as $(document).width(); and $(document).height();

I don’t know if it would work when the user resizes the browser. Would have to look up a resize event I think. Also remember to maintain proportions.

How to do this in flash, I don’t know. Have a look at this

Thank you Thank you thank you thank you. I will send my brother to the Flash Forum and pass on the link. I was suspecting that this was the answer based on the dearth of responses I was getting to the question. That Link is great. Appreciate it.