How important is it to be in the Open Source Directory and the Yahoo Directory?

I have a couple of web sites but neither of them is in either the Open Source Directory or the Yahoo Directory. How important is this and am I missing out?

I have seen sites benefit from a DMOZ (assuming that is what you mean by open source) link, and I can personally vouch for Google liking the Yahoo directory too. I saw a jump in rankings when the Yahoo directory inclusion occurred. Likewise, I saw a fall in ranking once a Yahoo directory was not renewed. Call it coincidence, but I witnessed it both times.

Although there is a lot of importance and benefits of being indexed in YAhoo directory and open source directory , we should not consider them as the sole important ones. The reason I am saying is this because getting indexed in Yahoo Directory and Open Source directory takes a big bunch of time!

Any link from a reputable source is good


I would not pay the cash for the yahoo directory, so in that respect no, it’s not worth it.

Dmoz is free but impossible to get in. Prepare to wait years, if they don’t send you an email after a couple of years saying you didn’t meet the criteria or you submitted to the wrong section.

I don’t know why anyone bothers with DMOZ any more to be honest even Google…It’s a ridiculous place to have to deal with. Slow, probably outdated e.t.c

Plus, parts of the site are often broken. When you do submit a site for consideration, you sometimes get an error message, or the Captcha form doesn’t work, or some other hassle occurs. I’d rather spend the time improving my content and design.


Ok, thanks.

So why are they considered to be so important?

People seem rather sceptical about the benefits of either.

Thanks for the advice. Not sure I’ll bother about getting on them then.

You may as well submit to DMOZ.

Personally I don’t think Yahoo is going to give you a huge boost in Terms of SEO, but I could be wrong. It’s good but not that good…

That’s also my experience and focused on DMOZ five-six years ago. But I have never seen really the benefit by it.

I also had to wait couple of years!!!

Ok, cheers.

How to get into DMOZ ? Why are they not accepting many sites? Is it mainly through some back door entry to get there or is it all legitimate?

So why are they considered to be so important?

Important is not the right word.

The fact is they are the oldest general web directories. Yahoo was the first way to find a web site since it was launched in 1994 before any search engine. DMOZ was launched several years later (in 1998, just the year when google was incorporated).

the Open Source Directory

As for the potential benefits of a listing in DMOZ, a major change occurred last year. Before 2011, the DMOZ data base was fully duplicated into the Google directory: the latter was a high PR directory and it was pretty well ranked in the SERPs. Since mid-2011, Google directory has been closed. This reduces considerably the possible benefits of a listing in DMOZ.

Some people may also consider that the end of google’s partnership may lead sooner or later to the end of DMOZ.

The thing is these two sites used to be important but we’re talking years ago. These days most would probably say they aren’t worth the time or money.

There are many good directories I’ve been using directoryroll and vmoptions to find good one, it’s best dirs lists I think.