How i can remove black background

hi friends

i wanted to remove black background and even footer as well, plz guide me


basically i am using image, can u tell me, what part, should i delete it

Sir i removed the background image as well, and previewd like this

you can see the text as well of keywords “thesofthelp is about windows 8 etc” i want to hide this as well

here is the send image

i want to keep a background on this… like if u can see the background of menu or footer pages “Dark black”

after doing this, plz tell me, how i can place a logo on top left on header

Like you got rid of the #container background image, you can get rid of the header background image. Just delete the line from the CSS.

thanks , i removed footer image now :slight_smile:
now plz tell me,
i want to remove the header image as well, and wanted to only place a PNG logo, can u tell me code , i can doo check plz

The #container selector should only have one property so removing everything so its just like the below should remove the background.

#container {}

no :frowning:
plz guide me

I see no black background, I guess you already managed to get rid of it?

Simply remove the background property from the #container selector