Background issue

Hello everyone

I would like to make so that the part intitled “Veille technologique” has a white background ( and not the default image that i set for the page.
Here’s a link to the folder :

Thanks in advance

Hi didimaox, welcome to the forums!

Not sure what you want. :slight_smile:

With the background image removed, you already have a white background color, but the elements’ opacity is set 0.85 making the white grayish.

Hello Erik and thank you for the fast answer.

I wish to keep the background image for the rest of the page.
The problem is that just below the section “Mes projets” ( which has a black background), you can see a portion that takes the background image instead of the white background that i defined. I dont know if this is very clear.

I’d like to make so the part that is circled in red has a white background ( instead of the default image background)

To cover the default image background you could try add a white background to the svg style attribute.

Or you could instead add a class to the svg if you want to avoid the style attribute.


It works !!

Thanks a million time. Have a great rest of your day :blush:

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