My black BG behind my menu disappeared

Hi Guys,

Having some trouble, not sure why my black background on the top-bar div just disappeared in this one part of the site.

Newsroom « The Club – Thunder Bay Country Club

Its not there but is on the homepage of the site…

The Club – Thunder Bay Country Club

Any ideas why it disappeared?



You’ve got two background images sitting over the top of it:


#wrapper {
  [COLOR="Red"]background: url("images/wrapper-bg.png") repeat-y scroll center top transparent;[/COLOR]
  margin: -65px auto auto;
  min-height: 100%;
  overflow: hidden;
  width: 725px;


#content-bar {
  [COLOR="Red"]background: url("images/bg.jpg") no-repeat fixed center top transparent;[/COLOR]
  border-bottom: 40px solid #006C67;
  height: 100px;

A quick fix would be to replace that second background image with an image that is black at the top (to match the black band) with some blue underneath.

Hmmm that could work but this was working fine before and now all of a sudden it is not.

It didn’t just suddenly happen, though. You have deliberately placed two images over the top of the black background, so there is nothing unexpected here. :slight_smile:

But the black bar shows up other places and before it didnt look like this so I must have done something wrong…

Look here I had it fine but when I moved it over, I may hav not copied something correctly that I’m missing…

The Club - Thunder Bay Country Club

Above its fine but below it is not…

Newsroom « The Club – Thunder Bay Country Club

The HTML is different on those two pages—a quick look should show you that. In the page that’s working, you have a header div wrapped around the top-bar and logo, and it has a z-index that lifts it above the wrapper div. On the second page, that header div is missing.

[COLOR="Red"]<div id="header">[/COLOR]
    <div id="top-bar">
    <div id="logo">  

Ahhh yes your right I forgot to copy the over… Now it works

Another pair of eyes never hurts. :slight_smile: