How do you reset WordPress to defaults?

Oops, spoke before my turn. It has fallen apart; it doesn’t index at all any more, and my permalinks have gone up the creek due to doing something wrong in the settings.

How do you reset WP to factory defaults???

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The files are fine, and the blogs are displayed perfectly. The problem is that the new posts don’t get indexed any more, so nobody finds them. Also, the links from the “blog main page” all lead to the site index page in stead of to the articles.

So the blog isn’t displayed perfectly…
What have you changed recently? And show us the link.

No, the blog IS displayed perfectly, it is the PERMALINK to it that is wrong.

What’s wrong?
Maybe you should use backup (files and/or database)?

If you want to have blog at you have to change url in database for

I HAD it all running up to two days ago.
Blogs displayed perfectly.
Links working perfectly.
New posts indexed by Google in minutes.

I accidentally changed something in the settings ( no idea what ) and since then the links don’t work any more and Googled don’t index my new posts any more.

Maybe check URL in general settings.