How do you post local citations?

I have been manually posting to the big 3 plus Superpages, Manta, and a group of about 10 others, has anyone used a posting service, I saw that vistaprint has one for $4 a month with 100 directories, I’ve heard that localeze was not dependable, and I have used a few services but they don’t post to the primary sites. Someone told me Magic Submitter works for thhis, but that is about $60 a month and I wanted to ask around first, Thanks in Advance!

Try All Submitter, but to be able to use it, you should have your own database of websites and teach it do it for you.

Hi and thanks, when I was researching allsubmitter I found sliq submitter which is available for $50 year, more affordable, I read some pretty good reviews on it on some other forums, so I will try that one as it looks like it has a low learning curve, thanks! (I had acytally looked at zenno poster too but very steep learning curve it seems.

To get local citation, submit your website to the local classified directories, yellow pages etc. The people who are using your service will cite your service or you can hire a few people to do this task (I am certainly not in favor of this) getting backlinks here