How do you edit the Main Nav menu (without using dashboard)?

I have 4 simple buttons on my navigation bar. Instead of going to Appearance –> Menus to try this, which file would I edit with the editor? I have looked through all of them and I just see things like nav-menu and top-menu. It’s like maybe they are objects that are being called or something. I’m pretty new to this and realize that’s probably wrong.

I can see where in my header.php that my menu is being pulled in (I think) but I just can’t figure out where to edit it - example being if my Home button points back to the frontpage of, where would I edit that link at in the actual code, if I wanted it to point somewhere else?

I did use the Menus option to recreate my menu and even added a custom location that way, but I still don’t see where it changed it in the code.

Don’t see an edit button - just in case it needs to be said i’m using Wordpress with the standard Godaddy business theme. I think it’s called Real Humble Hero. I just needed something simple and to the point.

Your best option is to use Appearance -> Menus to build a custom menu. Once you get that thing all setup you can tell Wordpress where to use the menu. There is a short bit of code you can add to your Functions.php of your theme to register a new menu and position. Then you use another snipper of code to load that menu into your template.

What kind of edit are you trying to make the menu?