How do you disable the request for new username in a Wordpress Blog?

How do you disable the request for new username in a Wordpress Blog?

I get annoying bot email messages from false email address requesting a new username. This is different from the request for a new password which I have already disabled.

This is what fills up my email inbox:

This blog post on talks about disabling the lost password feature
but my problem seems to be something else. How do I disable the “get new username” feature?

You need to search for ‘disable wordpress registration’. :wink:

I have read that all I have to do is this. In the admin panel, go to settings > general settings and there is a tick box that says anyone can register, untick it.

But I understand that this will completely do away with the registration page being available.

That is a bit extreme. I want people to be able to register. I do not think the way I want my web site to be will work of there is not a registration page.

I was assuming that somehow there was a script that was being run in a direct sort of way that was generating these email messages. But, for now, I will go with the idea that maybe a bot is running on my register page and it is getting beyond the Captcha control.

I thought this way because the email messgae is saying that someone is requesting a username, not that they are trying to register.

My Forum/Blog is a paied web site (to keep out the riff-raff) and people have to buy a subscription to the site. But, suprisingly, this does not stop my inbox from being flooded by “requests for a username”.

Here is what my inbox looks like:

Most of the time, the email addresses in these messages are fake. But sometimes they are not but when I email these persons back, I am ignored. So they really are just spammers looking for a way of posting ad content on my web site for free.

The Registration page has a CAPTCHA Code required entry field:

But I wonder if the bots are sophisticated enough to get past that.

The user has to click on the “I accept the agreements” field but the agreements field clearly tells the user that they have to buy a subscription. If they do not click on that check box they get this:

One way I want to try to keep from getting all this spam is to make it such that the registration button is inactive until they click on the subscribe button

How do I go about making that happen?

I want to do this without resulting to any ajax control. I want to set some sort of varable to false that will make the registration button inactive and then set it to true if they click on the subscribe button and then send a refresh message to the registration page.

I have had some difficulty getting my web site set up the way I want it. It uses WordPress and BBPress. The WordPress uses a few plug-ins. The Plug-Ins do not work the way I want them to do and, after some investigation, I have come to the conclusion that I have to resort to doing some PHP programming.

I am a software engineer as a profession and so PHP would not be much of a challenge for me to grasp. Does anyone here know PHP programming?

For now, what I would like to understand is this. How can PHP set a global variable that can be sent from one web page to another and be used to allow or disallow things? shows scope of variables and there is mention of global variables. But I am not 100% sure that this will work in the context of wordpress plugIns. If you set a global variable in one plugIn, can I access it in another plugIN?