I have wordpress blog and only i can login my blog is not forum simple fashion blog where i daily publish celebrity gossips, today i was checking my blog stats but suddenly i saw in my blog stats someone is requesting register or sign up or login page and manymore. all the request he/she requested i have took screen shots. i have attached screenshot of that ip address that are trying to hack my blog. plz see the screen shot and help me. what do i do? :frowning:

Use your host’s control panel or your main htaccess file to block IP addresses.

Thanks :), this person is really trying to hack my login info

If you check your server logs there are people trying to hack into your website all day everyday :mad:

Although this person seems quite determind to get into yours for some reason.

It’s probably a Chinese spambot farm especially with the frequency and large list of generic register/login files it attempted to access. It’s unlikely to be a human and likely the IP is already blacklisted on a spam database.

I get loads of those bots trying to access the log-in page for all sorts of different CMS control panels … they’ll be lucky, I don’t use a CMS!

they’ll be lucky, I don’t use a CMS!

The same for me :cool:

It’s worthwhile adding htaccess password authentication as an extra level of security to the wordpress admin directory. Also when you install wordpress, best to allocate a custom directory for admin rather than the default.

There are various ways you can block and deny IP but something like the following you would add to your .htaccess file it might not be the best or most efficient method but should work.

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

Blocking by IP is a chore and could possibly block legit viewers. i.e. even if you don’t block ~39K IPs and block “ranges” instead, you’ll still find yourself endlessly updating your htaccess file. Also keep in mind that Apache processes the htaccess file every HTTP request so you don’t want it to be too large.

Although you could still block the more troublesome IPs too, IMHO for post SPAM it’s much better to use other methods such as CAPTCHA, Flood control, word/phrase blacklisting, and checking for links.
As for file access, keep files containing sensitive info outside of the webroot, make sure your folder/file permissions are set to as restrictive as possible, and don’t use the default structure/naming where you have the option to use different.

I think if you do everything here you should be OK