WordPress: Plugins for Preventing fake user Registrations

So a Google search lead me to the plugin Bad Behavior, but is there a better way? Should I instead find a plugin that disables the built in WordPress user registration and instead use existing APIs for Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, etc?

You should just use captchas. That should be more than enough to prevent fake registrations or bots registering.

I could do that, but I’ve found that not many mainstream sites use captcha’s a whole lot anymore (I assume because they can be annoying to your active users), so this lead me to believe that other alternatives are becoming better practice?

Thanks for the suggestion though. I’ll keep it in mind.

Just an update, I ultimately went with WP-reCAPTCHA because the bots were still getting past the Bad Behavior plugin. Thankfully, I can turn off the reCAPTCHA for registered users when posting comments, that should hopefully reduce any pain and suffering.

Okay, this is getting fairly annoying. I’ve enabled re-captcha on registration and I’m still getting fake users registering… I get about 6 of them a day (new blog, so not much traffic yet), but nonetheless, I’m finding this terribly annoying.

I’ve never used that plug-in so can’t vouch for how good or bad it is but if it works it should help weed out a few of the bot registrations

I didn’t come across that one in my searches. I’ll try it, but it sounds similar to Bad Behavior and that didn’t work well against the spammers I was getting. I’ll know within 24 hours though :slight_smile: