How do you De Stress?

When all the troubleshooting and job issues are done, how do you De Stress?

I used to go to the gym and jump in the (kickboxing) ring for an hour or so. My kids mean that that is no longer a feasible option so now I do some housework. Yup, I know how that sounds, but I find it easier to relax if all the jobs are done and mindless cleaning kills two birds with one stone.

Then I have a glass of wine.

I used to enjoy outing with my friends in shopping mall. After that we used to do dinner outside. Sometime we enjoy watching cricket match at home.

Reading some good 'ol Wodehouse or a good thriller after some sports. Usually I do an extra shift of weight-lifting and other heavy excercise.

I wish I knew how to do Yoga. Just never got around to it.

Walk the dogs, generally is the standard de-stress trick. Otherwise a nice hot bath

For me, if all my jobs and troubleshooting were complete, the stress would disappear with them :wink: I can finally breathe and relax as normal then, now with regard to just chilling out and unwinding, I’ve never been one for pampering and that, if I need to get unstressed quickly I will talk to my bf or my family and friends to help me reason things out and this usually does the trick, I always end up feeling better and alot more clear headed :tup:

I solve Rubiks cubes :slight_smile:

I just sleep and relax. sometimes I hang-out with my friends.

I meditate, it’s the only thing I’ve found that can take a bucket-load of stress and recycle it into something that reboots me into calm mode :stuck_out_tongue:

I play with my pets, may be take them for a walk.

I just play games. Sometime going for walk.