Finding a way to reenergize urself

i been working on a project for nearly two years now, and again n again going through the same old routine. doing something over and over again jus coz everyday a new field is stuffed into forms, telling ur boss how it is and how it can’t be. feels like i m bored with work. i feel like loosing energy to work. its more like doing it just to get paid. what should i do? oh i forgot the very taunting colleagues too who underestimate me

Life’s too short to be worked into the ground - my advice - make plans to leave it and actually apply your talent and skills to something that does make you happy and into a project where you are valued and appreciated. It sounds like nothing positive will come out of a situation like that, I’ve been there myself and I haven’t looked back :wink:

I like your way of thinking, Mizwizzy. Either you find another, much more interesting job that challenges you, or you go freelance, or you build your own online business, or you either choose to learn a new skill… whatever you do, make sure that you have a back up plan, furthermore if you go solo. You’ll need time to make your project work and that means that you may eat your savings.

Also, if you decide to work on your own, you will have to have discipline and being up-to-date with latest technologies may be harder.

well paid job aren’t easy to find

They may be difficult to find nofel, but not impossible. If you’re good at what you do, eventually you will find something somewhere that suits you. As Nuria said in post #3 it’s all about planning, a good plan goes along way! But, if you are adamant that you wish to stay as you are, think about ways of how you can make your quality of life better. Are there any other projects you could take on? Perhaps you need to vary your routine a bit to take the monotony out of it? Perhaps you could have other projects outside of work that might generate a bit of business for you so you wouldn’t be so dependent on just one source of income? The important thing is to be happy in yourself and spend the time you have wisely, it’s your life at the end of the day, just what you do it with, is up to you :wink:

Whenever I find myself having to do things over and over, I try to find a way to automate the repetitive actions. So then I essentially put my interest and focus on a new problem instead of the old brain-dead monotonous task.

The question is what do you like most? what interests you? what kind of work can you do aside from your current job? If you don’t have any backup plans, then there’s no way you can leave your job. If you’re bored surely there are some things that can be done. Go with your friends, have fun and enjoy what you currently have. :slight_smile:

take a walk ,have a cup of tea, listen to music ,eat dark chocolate,just close youe eyes for a moment and think of the person u love the most it must help you.