How do increase the size and change the color of car.glb?


const carUrl = new URL('../assets/car.glb', import.meta.url);


assetLoader.load(carUrl.href, function(gltf) {
  const model = gltf.scene;
  model.position.set(0, 0, 0);
}, undefined, function(error) {

How do increase the size and change the color of car.glb?

The answer for size, add

  model.scale.set(10, 10, 10);

For color, it depends on the program that created the glb file. I downloaded a car from Sketchfab — Downloadable Cars - A 3D model collection by Jamie Rose (@jamien64) - Sketchfab —.

This car does show up in color!

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I was missing overhead light. I added directional light.

const directionaLightLeft = new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xFFFFFF, 100);
directionaLightLeft.position.set(-30, 30, -10);
const directionaLightRight = new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xFFFFFF, 100);
directionaLightRight.position.set(30, 30, 10);

now I see color! The lights are like spot lights.

I currently have ambient light:

const ambientLight = new THREE.AmbientLight(0xFFFFFF);

How do I illuminate the entire area, without using multiple spotlights?

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