How do I stop Google ads popping up on my videos on Youtube for others?

How do I stop Google ads popping up on my videos on Youtube for others?

               There are many answers out there  for how to stop Google ads on youtube on my browser, but that's not my  question.  For videos put on youtube by us, ads for competitors are  displaying on my clients videos for potential customers.

Under Manage Account / Content displayed along with uploaded videos, there is an option to do not allow advertisements. This does not seem to work for videos taken by my client and uploaded by them. I’ve see other discussion to this effect.

Is there a way for the competitor’s ads to not display on the bottom of the video for visitors? Can we pay more money to display ad free videos? Big deal for businesses.

This option only works if the video has monetised status, which last I checked is by invitation from youtube only after a video has reached a threshold of viewing levels.

Thanks, but I’m not sure what “invitation” means. My client shot the video, uploaded it and does not wish to have competitor’s ads shown on a video that is embedded on their website.

I can see that some may wish to have ads if they share in the revenue, but commercial businesses would not likely want this.

I would prefer to keep the video on youtube because it is easy to launch or embed from there, but if we can’t stop the ads, we’ll have to launch another way. For now, per the client’s request we have removed their embedded youtube video from their website until this can be resolved.

Seems like either we’re missing something or every video for a commercial business would have the same issue. Coke wouldn’t want Pepsi ads on their videos.


Youtube send you a message once you reach a level of traffic.
If you have not received this message, tough, you are not eligible for revenue sharing and the options it enables. Most commercial businesses don’t use youtube unless the social sharing aspect outweighs the disadvantages (advertising, being seen as ‘cheap’ or trivial, losing visitors through distraction of other suggested videos)

Nobody is forcing your client to use youtube, there are plenty alternatives and it’s a trivial task of 10 minutes to host a video yourself.