How do I open my local 'My Documents' folder from a flash button link?

I browse through several different folders all day at work (…in and out - open and close - minmize maximize - in and out - open and close). It’s a part of my job to access

these files at random times when needed, but it’s getting on my nerves and it’s driving me insane.

Of course the simple thing to do is make shortcuts to all of these folders and problem solved; however,…

I wanted to do something a little more fancy than make a boring folder full of shortcuts… …because staring at your typical boring folder full of icon shortcuts is just not

satisfying for me Lol.

I thought if I could simply make a nice clean elegant organized flash template of simply just buttons, then I could link them as shortcuts to these folders the same way (but

in elegant style and user friendly ease).

Keep in mind, all I am trying do is open up local folders (not local html files).

I have the flash template tip top, and all the buttons work to real web URL’s (google, yahoo, etc…)


None of my local folder shortcuts will open up.

I test the link in my browser and it works. I test it in windows explorer and it works, but when I place that same link in my XML file nothing happens.

Here is an example link from XML file:

<button name=“HOME” linkType="_blank"link=“C:\Users\Anonymous\Documents” />

Does anybody know how to a link local folder in an XML document? Surely this is far too simple to be impossible, I just can’t seem to get it right though.

I can provide whatever you need me to give you a visual of what I’m looking at.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me resolve this.

It will only be me that needs access to my local folders. I’ve figured that out and got all of my local folders to open successfully. The small problem now is that it opens behind the page I called it from. Any ideas on how to open it up in front would be helpful.

There is no way to do this since you don’t even know if the person visiting the page is running Windows in order to have a “My Documents” folder and no way to tell where they have that folder if they do have one.

First of all I would really like to thank the replies, it really does help to know you have support with techinical issues like these.

What Ive found actually works is:

<button name=“HOME” linkType=“_blank” link=“file:///C:\Users\Anonymous\Documents” />

-(and or also)-

<button name=“HOME” linkType=“_blank” link=“file://localhost/C:/Users/Anonymous/Documents/” />

However, the URL’s to real web pages only open up if I upload the template to my server (but the local links do not).

No worries on that though, because I can use local batch files to call the real URL web pages (even though I have that “Run - Save” security warning each time).

My next question though however, is now that I have successfully found a working local link, now it seems the local link only opens up behind the browser page I’m opening it from.

Is there anyway I can code this to open up the window front and center right in front of my template so that it pops up right in front without me clicking the window to the front?