How to create link to local folder

How do I create a link on a website that will open a specific folder on the local drive of the end user?

This is on a private website and each person visiting this website has the same folder structure on their computer. For example, each user will have C:\abc\def\. How do I make that folder open up on the users desktop from a website link?

I tried the full path: C:\abc\def
I also tried this: file:///c:\abc/def

Neither seem to work.

Thanks in advanced.

file:///c:/abc/def/ should do it, but I’m not 100% certain. My question is why are you using a local file structure when you could set up a private server and then connect everyone to it?

file:///c:\abc/def seems to work in my case

You cannot have a link using the file: protocol on a page served via the http: protocol, for security reasons.

Tommy, I think he said he was serving everything locally. (as in on the computer itself, not the server).

I could be wrong though (goes back to copying files for transfer to the family’s home).

If so, this shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s not the feeling I got from the original post:

Yeah, so basically, here is exactly what I am doing with this…

I am using Active Desktop on WinXP. I created a webpage that I’m using with Active Desktop to be an interactive wallpaper on a laptop. This webpage/wallpaper has buttons that link to different places. Some of the buttons link to websites, but I need some of the buttons to be able to open local folders on the laptop itself.

Here is a test page I put together:

I created a folder called “abc” in C:\ and a folder called “def” inside of “abc.” So I have this folder path on my local computer C:\abc\def. Clicking on any of the links in my example do not open that folder, which is what I’m trying to do.

No one knows of a way to make this work?

I tried doing this at one point, it didn’t work like I hoped it would. Are you sure this is your only option?

It’s weird that it doesn’t work… I would have thought that it would…

Here is an idea…

In the same directory where you have created the page make some shortcuts to the relevant places etc… The shortcuts are saved as .inc files so should be accessible through the site. But don’t link to these shortcuts absolutely. Do it relatively so:

<a href="shortcuts/">Place 1</a>

What I was really trying/wanting to do was to be able to link to local folders from a remote web page. Linking to them via a local webpage that resides on the local computer works and that is what I am resorting to. I tried adding a .lnk to the end of the links and I added a shortcut folder and that worked, but it made another window pop up that you had to click on.

Thanks for everyone’s help!!!