Open a local or a lan folder through html or email

Hello to everyone,

I am building a small application in which, there is a part that my php system sends an email to the administrator

The email is somehow like this:

" The user uploaded some new files. You can reach them here (link)"

So my question is that the files are uploaded to a dedicated server (unix) in my office, for which I have access through my network. all i want is in the email to create a link that forces windows or mac to open the file.

I have tried using this syntax file://folder/documents/secondfolder

but It works only if you manually copy paste it to the file browser address line.

any ideas???

Thanks in advance

That is the correct syntax for opening a local file, and if it is included in a plain text email, most systems will render it as a clickable link. If the text is not a clickable link at all then I would guess that you are sending it as an HTML format email but you haven’t told the sending machine to make it into a link. A machine receiving an HTML email will not usually convert any plain text into a hyperlink, even if it looks like it ought to be one.

Depends on if you’re using webmail or something like Outlook. Webmail clients like Yahoo (I don’t know if any others do it) actually will turn non-linked URLs in HTML email into clickable links (much to my dismay).

That’s why I used the get-out word “generally” - none of the email clients that I use regularly do this, but I can easily believe that some others do!