How do I get my readers to interact with my blogs content?

I have good content but no comments on my articles.

Good content is all relative. You might think the content is good, but the way it is written may not encourage readers to become involved in a discussion about it, or to react to it.

For example, your question here would more likely encourage member participation if you would add a bit more information about why you think your content is good, or in what niche your blog is. Right now, the post is terse and to the point which might not pique peoples’ interest.

Think about your writing style in your articles also. Are they very factual, or do they make people want to get involved? Have you tried to spark interest by ending your articles with leading questions? That sometimes is an effective technique.


Thanks for the insight. My niche is a bit broad business, social media, marketing, etc. I would try asking questions at the end of my articles.

It all boils down to learning how to promote your content.

Try Lots of good advice there.


Okay. Thanks

How many visitors per day does your blog have?
You should understand that there is not so many people who would like to start conversation, mainly people like to read something. At the end of the article you can put questions to your readers like: “What you think about it, etc”

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About 50-100 visitors

Well, this is a good amount to get at least one-two comments per 3 days, I guess. I can also recommend you to share your blog with your friends and ask them to leave several comments. May be as soon as your visitors see, that somebody leaves comments and you reply to them, they would also try to participate. What commeting system do you have?


I use the normal commenting system that comes with WordPress

You know you need to be helpful on your blog in order to grow your audience.

  1. Write conversationally\
  2. Use metaphors to engage your audience
  3. Inspire your readers
  4. Create a common enemy
  5. Be interesting and interested


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Great. Thanks

Make you content that attract readers to leave comment, questions…