How to increase followers of my blog?

I have two blogs of mine.
I want to increase the number followers…
How can i do this?

Write good quality articles that people want to read for whatever topic(s) you are discussing, make quality comments on other blogs that discuss the same/related topics, write articles for other sites/blogs that allow for this, hang around message boards making quality posts that cover the same/related topics and put a link in your signature. :slight_smile:

These are just a few of the basic ways to attract more readers. :slight_smile:

Yes exactly what BPartch said. Also, build backlinks, build traffic, and in your posts say something like: “If you enjoyed this post, consider following me.”

I always advertise my new posts by displaying them as my FB status. Also on Twitter. It seems to help get more traffic to each individual post.

To get a bit more in depth on “quality comments”. A quality comment isn’t “great post, I really enjoyed it”. It should expand on the topic and/or offer some conflicting information. In a nutshell, it should be useful and add to the conversation.

write a good articles regularly and followers will come

As mentioned, its important to write really high quality articles that people will want to read. Syndicate them on Facebook/Twitter/Digg/StumbleUpon.

Also, post high quality comments on lots of other blogs. You’ll build relationships with other bloggers and can cross promote each others articles.

always blogwalking to another blog and request to follow you

Links don’t bring in traffic if they are from directories or crap sites that nobody visits.

It’s all about the quality of the links and knowing where to find them. Where other websites does your target market visit online?

Do some research into your keywords/industry/competition/customers/etc and you’ll probably find some great links out there that will bring in tons of traffic!

Analyze your keywords/website analytics and check bounce rates… optimize pages as needed.

Add articles and keyword content pages as needed

Add value for customers

Write good articles . If your blog is new, then submit articles to social bookmarking websites like Digg , Facebook ,Twitter Mixx etc .

Good article and some good quality keywords will get it picked up in the search engines, also be sure to update regularly, everyday if possible :slight_smile:

Pretty much what has been said so far. Make sure you have quality articles updated on a regular basis. This helps with search engine placement. Use social media to promote them as much a possible. Comments can be a boon like a previous poster said…

A lot of good advice in this thread…

Include a link to your blog at any touch-point you have with people. For instance, on your business card, email signature, forum signatures, cloths ;), etc. You may also want to consider guest articles from other experts in your industry in hopes they will promote their article to their peers on your blog. Hope this helps.

write a good articles regularly, update regularly, and submit to other good social bookmarket site such as facebook, digg and so on.

agreed with alot of the above. the first and most important thing is quality content added regularly. Then for grassroots efforts use your social networks to put the word out.

you must.:

  1. often to blogwalking and leave messages in shoutbox
  2. often to leave comment in blog dofollow
  3. join in any dofollow forum and often leave your link
  4. promote your site in facebook, twitter
    and so much… goodluck :slight_smile:

Try to provide quality content as well as regular blog updates. Content can the power of grabbing viewers and followers to your blog. Make it meaningful. Good luck.

yes, a good content will intrerest readers… :slight_smile:

Quality posts, fresh posts, participate to blogmeets, blog walks, participate on the others blogs.

the real best way is to write quailty posts!