How Do I Find Out What TV Commercials Are Appearing On TV

I’m trying to find out what tv commercials are being shown on tv
and how often.

A lot of people go online after seeing some commercials
on tv to do research about it & buy it.

TV commercial ad frequency depends on stage of product life cycle as well level of competition in market.
ad frequency also depend on time, channels, even program being telecast

so it is difficult to measure frequency of ad

even i am not getting what you mean by WHAT TV Commercial …

I was trying to find out what tv ads are being shown on tv.

Wow, if you knew that you could have an advantage over your competitors. Given that fact I don’t think anyone will tell you.

You could try asking TV stations or Ad agencies…

Apart from that you could sit in front of the telly and make notes!

Hey there!TV commercials appear between shows. Commercials take airtime away from programs. Earlier a usual hour-long show would run for 51 minutes excluding commercials. Today, a similar program would only be 42 minutes long; a representative 30-minute chunk of time now comprises of 22 minutes of programming with 6 minutes of national advertising and 2 minutes of local as TV commercial surveys predict. Hope you find the insights helpful.