Site banned by google

my site was banned by google what do I do now Is there a place I can check again I’m doing like 10 different things How do I find out what I did wrong which company I mean.

ok I went to several differnt banned checkers and they all say I’m not banned this is crazy…

What leads you to believe that your site is banned?

Do a site search on Google - ie, type in as the search term. Google will then list all the pages it has indexed on that domain. If it shows nothing then you’ve probably been banned. If it shows all the pages that you would expect it to, you haven’t been banned.

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The full stop, comma and question mark on your keyboard aren’t just there for decoration. Without punctuation, I’m really struggling to understand what you’re saying. If you can make your writing easier to read, you’ll find people are happier to help, and are more likely to understand your question

I went to a google banned site checker and it said I was then I checked google for google approved tools and 9 others said I wasn’t I have no Idea anymore

I did that and all my pages came up

Thanks scared the bezeezers out of me

Google likes to do thing like this randomly. It keeps us on our toes.

No, Google doesn’t act randomly. What happens is that they implement changes to the algorithm, which are designed to improve the quality of results. Sometimes those changes result in sites shooting up or down the rankings exactly as intended, because they were over- or under-rated previously. Other times, those changes result in sites shooting up or down the rankings due to unintended consequences, because these algorithms are incredibly complicated and sometimes there are unforeseen side-effects, which are then gradually ironed out. But random, it is not.

I diddn’t quite mean litterally. But is certainly feels like they do things randomly sometimes. Has your computer never had a glithc or a bug and “randomly” messed up or crashed? Even though it can only work in a logical, preset, scientific, 1/0 fashion? I know mine has

Well, I am amazed to know that people actually use these buggy third party tools to check their website’s status. please do not rely on such tools, they are very less reliable.

try google webmaster tools may be your site contains any virus, if so you will see notifications in webmaster tool’s dashboard

You can use the Google webmaster tools it is help for you.

You need to confirm your website is banned by google or not. It is very easy search your website address in search engine if it comes on first position then it is no ban. Secondly you can also do it like this site:url name and search on google. If your website come on first position then it is not banned.

If your website is banned, you have analysis your SEO work. What have you done wrong. Check weather you have done quick link building or your website was very new and you have done quick link building.

If you are ban due to sandbox then you need to register a new url redirect the current old website traffic to new one…

Check Your site through some tools, and if google banned your site then it take some time to release a penality so wait and see the result!!
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Recheck your site for all sorts of errors possible, it may be due to duplicate content, doorway pages or any black hat techniques you might be using. Google webmaster tool can help better in this matter as well as submit your site for reconsideration to Google. Hope your site gains rankings soons.

Did you buy some SEO services like buying links from forum profile, social bookmarking, etc.? It’s hard to pinpoint the cause without further details.

First make sure to check the robot.txt file and meta tags, some times you might previously changed the code to prevent the search engine to access your website.
There are plenty of reasons behind, website banned by Google. Make sure to follow the instructions in Google Webmaster Guidelines.

I think you are submitting your site in wrong way that’s why Google banned you because at this time google introduce new thing that search every duplicate contains so I suggest you to write your contain own not copyright.