How can use my python knowledge?


Hey, I've learned basics of python and wanted to know more where I can use it?
What is the importance of PYTHON in artificial intelligence?
How much advance knowledge I need to create apps for the smartphone?
What are the best courses available on upwork or Udemy?


Right or wrong, I don't think of Python in terms of "web" but more in terms of "app".

One use that I think might be both interesting and has the prospect of being a worthwhile investment is IoT (Internet of Things)


Hey, thank for your reply... I'm just going through Github.


When learning anything new it is nice to have a project in mind as I find it helps the learning process.

I have a temperature sensor in my greenhouse using a Nodemcu - Arduino code - , wireless to a Raspberry Pi - a bit of Linux with Python, php and Jquery ( just a jquery library so I do not need to alter it ).

This is helping me learn Arduino code and Python.

I am currently changing the code as I am having problems with the Pi sleeping/locking up so I want to take it out of the loop.

So I am using my Python for "scientific" use but I want to start using it to operate hardware next.

As far as I can see it is more used as an intermediary. Between the microprocessor and the data display ( it can display data but it is basic ) Between the computer and hardware controller. It can do a lot of things on its own but with my limited use is it works better in conjunction with other software.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I want to learn python for AI purpose.


Take a look at Googles TensorFlow project


Hey, I've checked tensor flow project. Thanks for sharing...


Perhaps you will be useful to these theoretical knowledge