How can PHP become faster than ASP.NET?

If I want to develop a web application in PHP and I want to make it performs better than its sister site which is written in ASP.NET and C#. How can I make it perform better? Is it possible? or the case will always be ASP.NET is faster than PHP?

Speed of an application depends on more than the platform or language its being buit off of. Writing efficient code is always the best way to have an application perform well.

I dont think your question can really be answered.

Try adding some caching. Sites using even file caching (E.g. PEAR Cache Lite) and APC can become lightening fast.

This tired old discussion again?
How many times are you going to ask the samething over and over again, CS Geek?

haha…I just did a search on CS Geeks post…seems that all of his posts are somehow PHP vs related :goof: