Php vs speed


Is it true that websites are downloaded quicker than php? because websites are compiled?

Again it’s almost impossible to answer a question like this without getting in to specifics.

Want to add two numbers? Almost no difference in code.

Need a full featured CMS system? For both platforms you can take existing solutions, tweak them a bit and deploy. The amount of code makes little or no difference.

If you want to get into the very lucrative business of supporting Microsoft Sharepoint sites then C# is certainly the way to go.

If you want to make Android apps then you need Java (at least so far).

PHP has an easier initial learning curve and it’s easy to find low cost sites to deploy your apps on.

Sorry, but that is all wrong. Windows Server 2008 Core R2, IIS 7.5, (FastCGI/PHP 5.3 (VC9) when required) is light and fast. I’ve had the pleasure of setting up a dozen of these servers with several Linux based system for the same purpose and all perform equally. ASP.NET and PHP can and do perform almost equally, however, ASP.NET does have the advantage that it can be pre-compiled. PHP can over come this limitation with an opcache.

As for the OP’s orginal question. The speed of downloading depends on the users’ internet connection, your server’s connection, the size of the file you are pushing down to the client, the latency in the network. None of it really has to do with ASP.NET, PHP or the server you are using.

what are you smoking just off the top of my head i can tell you why is SLOWER

1 major factor you have Microsoft Windows slowing down the server… you have IIS Server that’s another resource you have all the BS microsoft sh1t running that is slowing down the server…

PHP has Linux that is extremely light weight with Apache server that is a extremely light weight.


can you explain to give proof for that?

OK, because you may look at (C# or VB.NET) code and of course you know PHP, which one of them do you think take more codes to write to perform the same functionality?

I’ve used PHP for more then I care to remember, before I even joined Sitepoint. The level of ASP.NET I’ve done is just small test and while following along with videos. Currently put ASP.NET on the back burner while taking in a more focus approaching learning the in and outs of C# (C Sharp). However, I work with several companies—who I’ve set up Windows Servers for—with full time ASP.NET/C# developers.

Which one would I recommend for someone new to programming to learn? I wouldn’t know, honestly. There are so many platforms out there each with there pros and cons. I can never pick just one. I suppose if you want a language that will keep you from making simple mistakes a strict-language like C# will be good. But if you don’t want to worry about data types of variables or what not then a dynamic-language like PHP might be what you want.

logic_earth, for how many years did you use PHP? and did you use ASP.NET? and if you want to advice someone who is new and want to focus in one thing, which of the two you will advise to go with? if the circumstances are only to learn how to build dynamic website and planning to build a big website one day! Please be honest, I trust what you will say. :slight_smile:

It would be impossible to image this because there are so many factors that come into play. But whether you are using ASP.NET or PHP would not make the slightest of difference. They’ll both finish off in milliseconds. The part that will take any amount of major time is the network. Any network access it full of uncertain delays. In the real world it won’t matter which platform you go with.

Imagine that you have two websites that has been programmed to do the same functionality. One has been programmed using PHP and the other by ASP.NET (C# or VB.NET). Then the two have been shiped to a hosting company, one goes with the apache which is PHP and the second with Windows of course. Then we come to the same computer to access both, which one will be faster in displaying the information and retreiving some from the database?