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I have heard that ASP.NET is better only for buliding enterprise web applications. What about if I want to learn web programming for buliding my own site, then do you recommened in this case ASP.NET or PHP?

Are you saying you don’t want that? I guess I just don’t understand your question.

I have heared that ASP.NET is better when you want to build very big websites. My question is, what if I want to build my own websites (they may be small - medium websites, not that large!) in this case which one will perform better and makes my sites faster to download for the end users, is it PHP or ASP.NET?

Hope it is clear now. :smiley:

My small websites are all built using ASP.NET. It’s a matter of personal preference. When I used to program using PHP I dreaded every minute of it. When I switched to ASP.NET rainbows came out and unicorns lilted upon my incredibly defined shoulders. I danced with them that night. We dined on the rainbows.

For small to medium sized websites I doubt you will see any measurable difference in download speeds.

In terms of which language might be easier to learn, it’s probably much of a muchness since the concepts behind programming languages is much the same. I’ve been taught Java, PHP and Javascript. The concepts behind each is similar - you just need to learn different syntax and commands to perform similar programming tasks.

Once you have a reasonable grasp of 1 programming language, in my experience it’s not a huge leap to learn another.

Learn both, then you can make an informed decision.

I mean well-programmed sites (even if they are small) which performs faster for all website surfers. :cool:

What year is this? :lol:

I could be wrong, but I think the vast majority of web hosting providers support PHP. What percentage of hosting providers support ASP I do not know but it might be worth considering before deciding which language to at least learn first before the other.

I went to the PHP skool :wink:

Well, what is your definition of “enterprise web applications”?