How can I use a Website to run a Windows application?

I’d like to have a web site that users can enter information, and then have that information go to my windows server and run a deskop application that outputs a file, and then email (or link to it via the web) that file to the user.

For example, I see some websites that a user requests a screenshot from a windows computer; or converts a file to PDF, or etc., and it then gives it back to the user. Just assume it’s doing it all the work on the windows computer.

Any insights, or links to other sites, would be much appreciated. I’m not sure what to search on, or what technology to do this. Any help is appreciated!!!

Lots of ways to get there but essentially you need message queues. User request becomes a message that goes into one queue. Desktop taking screenshots reads said queue, takes screenie, puts it into another queue to send back to the user.

On the windows end of the world you typically find some way of automating the actions of that machine. But you don’t necessarily need to if labor is cheap enough and turnaround can be measured in human time. Once you offload the work from the web process it really doesn’t matter outside of satisfying delivery requirements.

There’s simple ways to get a web application to run a windows application which differs on the language you use so I will leave that up to you.

You can use Windows API…calls like GetWindowTextA SetWindowTextA, etc are used to manupulate text fields. To send mouse clicks you use SendMessage with WM_MOUSE as the parameter. .NET MAY HAVE Made this easier for you but it sounds like you may be in over your head and may need it programmed for you.