Access server side program through website

I wrote a program written in C. This program is doing some complex calculations. So far I used it as a desktop application.
Now I was thinking about giving others access to this program.
My plan is to create a website. There you can give some inputs. These inputs should be sent to the server where the program will do its calculations. If it is finished, it will return the results to the client.
My question is: Is it possible to implement something like this? Would be great if someone could give me an advice.

Almost anything is possible. However, it isn’t always a safe, secure thing to do.

If you decide to move on with this idea, you should take a number of steps towards securing not only the web access to the application, but the application itself, as well. Especially when user input is involved.

But to answer your original question, yes, I believe there are a number of server-side scripting languages that can accommodate your interest. I work in ColdFusion, and I’m sure languages like .Net, PHP, or others can do what you request.


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