Which coding language to use for windows app / Software to auto post to a site

Which coding language to use for windows app to auto post to a site.

Ive been asked to find someone who can make a auto posting desktop app software.

The problem Is I dont know much myself and im still ahead of the others.If not been given all the details yet but the basics are below

The task will be simple,
Pre set the data,
1 Login details ,
2. select category.
3. add data, title, description, image
4 repeat in other preset category

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Electron is what you are looking for.

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Thanks, would it matter if the website is built on php or something else ?
also would the app be simple to update in the future once the site is updated also is electron the only option? Im not sure how easy it will be finding someone who has know how to use it already

It doesn’t sound like you should care what it’s written in. You should focus on finding someone who can write it and let them write it in whatever they think is best.

Thanks, I assume I should also ask for all the source code and files so others can update it.
Any suggestion on sites to use to find a developer, Freelance peopleperhour or upwork ?

In my experience, the freelancers work better! You end up getting someone who’s livelihood depends on this stuff and usually has more time to devote to personalising your site. Grab someone local that you can meet face-to-face and work with them in developing your site!

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