Some SEO Help Please

First things first I am not an SEO professional but I do blog and write good content and build very good linking relationships sufficiently good enough to get my own website on to the first page of Google for very competitive key words. However if you asked me how to add data or no follow links I would have to pass that on to a professional.

I am now looking for a partner for IT side of things here in Spain and because I have shown I can deliver I am being offered work possilbe contracts but everything I have learnt in the last two years has been related to real estate for example we wont exchange links with anyone who isnt in travel or real estate.

My proposed client has an Arabic You Tube type site and wants to SEO for Arabic Videos amongst other things

Just wondered what people would think about the revelance of that particular field and if one can be much less selective about the category of links you get to the site etc

Any help or imput on this would be very helpful.

Hi Nick

PM send, kindly hv a look and lemme know your thoughts on this.

Best Regards.