How can i Improve my website loading time?

Please suggest me. I am suffering from CSS problem.

Welcome to the forums, @shaina.

That’s really a very vague statement. What problems do you have, and what help do you require in fixing them?

My website is and its loading time is too high. How can i improve my website loading time.

Is this CSS problem. Some one told me that its a CSS problem.

You are loading 98 resources for your home page:

and your portfolio page is huge:

(I didn’t look at any other pages.)

Combine your styleshheets and scripts where possible to make fewer server calls, optimise your images and use compression on your HTML, CSS and JS files.

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Thanks for sharing your views with us.

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Since this is a WordPress site, have you added one of the WP caching plugins?

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Try a plugin like this


can any one help my site is also same problem

Welcome to the forums, @rahul00998811. Have you tried any of the above suggestions?

when i checked on the google page speed , my mobile score in 70 percent,browser leverage caching, what does it mean and how to improve it

Have a look at this thread, which offers several solutions: Leverage browser caching

Thank you

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that link doesn’t work for some reason but this should :slight_smile:

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