How can I create a forum similar to

How Can I create forum website like

Creating forums is not an easy task. A tutorial for a simple one might help to show you just what is involved.
Create a Forum Engine in 15 minutes using Meteor & AngularJS

If you look at the source of that page, you’ll see it’s built using xenForo.


Lol, it also says it in the footer of the forum too.

But as @Paul_Wilkins has mentioned, it isn’t an easy task. Depending on your requirements, you may or may not need to implement some sort of parsing for BBCode or other varies markdowns. Then, you’ll also have to implement a pagination system along with a log in system which a lot of people are failing to implement in the first place due to logic or just outdated code. Then you’ll also have to implement other varies features like CRUD so that your forum works like every other forum. Then you’ll have to add in features that most forums use whether it’d be perma links or not. So in the end, you really need to understand how a forum works in the first place in order to create a very good one or simply just use a pre made forum that you can simply install with the click of a button.

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