Banner Design by photoshop

how can create banner design in Photoshop?

This is too general a question. Please be more specific about what technical difficulties you are having, or about what concepts you need explained.

Actually i need make banner for website
so your help is more important for me

Create a canvas the correct size; add your text and graphics, flatten if required and then use export to web in either jpg or gif format.

Remember that Photoshop is not a web design tool. It’s an image manipulation tool. For a website banner/header, it’s better to think in terms of real text, headings etc. and perhaps a background image for decoration. Simply putting a whole bunch of information into an image is poor web design.

Have a look at:

Hi There!
Here i’m Going to give you the tutorial link regarding to create the banner design in photoshop. it really gonna help you.

Does anyone knows any other website for banner design?

I am sure, that if you do a quick search you would find some really good tutorials.
If you like to watch someone else create the banner YouTube is full of tutorial.

Have a look at these, they may help!

any tutorial on youtube. make baner with photoshop . hi

I’ve never used YouTube for Photoshop tutorials, but I have been told that there are some good videos.

Have a look at:
The comments seem to say that it is good, if not there were other video links down the side.

When i start to design banner i try step like this.

  1. What size of banner ? width - height in pixel, cm or inch
  2. Concept of banner and color tone?
  3. Get more idea from google search for a sample banner .
  4. Try to create. If you don’t know how to create they have a lot of sample in youtube.

For banner design i think illustrator is better.