How can cache page in recent date?

I am working with the <snip>read the guidelines ;)</snip>. All pages is showing cache in different date. But it’s support page already has cached at 16 april and i have checked it. In other day i have submitted some Search engine submission. After that day (next day) when i checked then found it is showing cache but with backe date 29 march.

Why so it and by whome? If have any idea anyone can help me. Waiting for your reply.

That’s something that I suspect that we can’t help you with. It looks to me that they’ve taken a backup copy and that’s why the cache date looks older than the previous one.

Anyway, anthing that has to do with their application, it should be address by them. We’re always going to lack some information such as… what cache are you talking about? your computer’s? Google’s? Because you’re talking about submissions, then I suspect it is Google’s… and that could simply be that the page was changed, maybe offline for a while, and the Google bot crawled at that time and since it found no page, relied in a previous cached copy.

To change the cache of your website, Go to the Google public URL removal tool.

and then send your request to remove your existing cache, but be careful because it is quite tricky.

Type your web pages link and the words that you have changed from your content then click remove cache.

Once your request has been processed and Google confirms that the submitted word(s) no longer appear on the page, the search result will no longer show a snippet, nor will the cached page be available.

However, once the page has been re-crawled and re-indexed, the updated snippet and cached page can be visible in our search results.