Google cache is different, but site looks fine

I’ve never encountered this kind of problem before.
Around 15 days ago, my site was hacked, however, I had fixed it.
But now, I came to know when I open page with cache: command to the all old pages, I see some Spanish links placed on first few paras of my articles.
It’s horrible, especially when you see original page has no problem.\

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Google’s cache is simply showing an old version of the page, from before it was fixed. It will update the page next time it crawls your page. I don’t see it’s a big issue. How many of your potential visitors are going to be looking at Google cache?

You can try to speed up the recrawling process by submitting the relevant links to Google, but it may still take time.

sorry for incomplete information, even after re-crawling current page at current date. It still shows the same, nothing changed.

Then I think you’ve done all you can, and you’ll just need to wait for Google to update their cache.

Requesting a re-crawl does not necessarily mean the page will be crawled immediately, or even at all.
The cache should show a date of the crawl that created the cache at the top, which should confirm a re-crawl.
There is little more you can do than request a crawl, but it is ultimately up to Google when that happens

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When you play with Google the key is patience.