Website rank improved but not crawled?

Did anybody notice that your Website rank has improved but not crawled? it happened with me that my website had crawled almost three weeks before but improving the ranks. what is this?

Basically the rank is updated using the backlinks to your site and it need not necessarily crawl your site to update.

When search engine boats see a link (say pointing to your site), it will automatically crawl your site. So, knowing that, I really dont understand the original posters question.

I Faced the same problem. I just validated my webpages by using w3c validation. Now Search engine started to crawl.

Google or any search engine automatically crawls your sites. You can even submit new sites to search engine. How can you say they are not crawled?

Just wait some time… It will be crawled as early as possible

I have also faced this problem many time. iI have noticed many time website last cache date is 15 days before but the site ranking is improving for the keywords with the off page work. How is it possible if the site is cached 15 days before?

The cache and the index are not necessarily updated at the same time. Either one might be newer than the other. They are separate processes – when Google reads and parses the page (to build its index) it doesn’t necessarily take a snapshot of it (for the cache), and vice versa.

Agreed. It is far more likely that Google will compare a page for changes and will incrementally add bits to it (i.e. note the changes, rather than the whole thing). Otherwise, if a page has changed a considerable amount, of they feel that their cache is out of date they will fully update it.

Validation assumes high importance for yahoo. Google also places this parameter on important list. So, html errors need to be validated for both the search engines to crawl your site.

There are several factors that contribute in giving an artificial boost to your website. Probably, this is why your website is ranking high.

A few factors that contribute in artificial boost,

  • You are logged into your Google account
  • Your browser setting
  • Personalized results due to geographic location of IP

Basically the rank is updated using the backlinks to your site and it need not necessarily crawl your site to update.

Because I thinks you not working the off page activities. If you dont start the off page activities start off page activitie with 2-3 weeks google and every search engine crawl