How best to integrate a landing page on Facebook?

and I mean jpg image

Thank you!

Is something like this what you’re after?

It sounds like you’ll need to host your image somewhere and then use FBML to display it on your page.

Simply upload the image, then search for “fbml” on facebook, and you’ll find applications. Add it to your page, then edit it. And use simple HTML from there.

Thank you!
It looks a bit complicated but I’ll try…
What if I want to integrate a mini-site? I’ve seen a few Facebook pages with mini-site instead of classic landing page. It looks even more complicated or expensive…? I want to do it myself if it’s possible. Is it…?

Hi Ilse888,

creating a “mini-site” in your Facebook Page is actually pretty easy, although it may seem confusing to a web development novice.

You basically got two options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Create your own application and host the mini-site content yourself
  • Use a third party Facebook application

If you design, develop, host and deploy the mini-site yourself, you can create exactly the kind of mini-site that you want. In the process you will learn quite a bit about the web and Facebook, which is an advantage if you are interested in improving your skills and becoming more professional.

There are quite a few tutorials out there that explain you how to do this, although I find none of them extremely great, since they all require basic knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS. I’ve tried writing my own tutorial geared towards absolutely beginners, but it’s quite a monumental task, since there is a lot to explain.

To make things easier, you can use a third party application on Facebook, like the Static FBML App: Such apps will save you some coding work, although basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is still required and you need to host your images yourself. The biggest disadvantage is that you are dependent from a third party, that can stop service at any time. You also will have to adapt to the feature set of the apps, which is often very basic, so creating a mini-site is out of the question.

Considering this, I think the best way might to create and host the landing tab yourself. I do plenty of such work as part of my day job, so if you got further questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Thank you very much!