Facebook landing page

Hello, does anyone know how you achieve something like this:

Bite Communications | Facebook

There is a top jQuery slider which I assume you just build on your own site and then copy the code into an iframe.

However, below that is their latest blog entry – I’ve never seen one like that that spans the whole of the width of the page like that. I have only ever imported blog posts with apps called RSS Graffitti and Networked Blogs which don’t give you anything like this visually.

Below that there is a YouTube vid and an image, again I’m assuming you paste this code into an iframe.

Below that is what looks like a Flickr app but again, it looks very good – not what I’m used to seeing from standard Facebook apps.

A Facebook page is nothing more then a standard web page. You would create those features the same way you would on any website, then style appropriately. Facebook has nothing to do with it. Its merely an iframe with your own website.

Thank you, oddz, I can build the HTML elsewhere, I just can’t find documentation about how you insert the iframe plus code into Facebook.